Why DIY methods of Tile Cleaning Don’t Work
December 07, 2020

Why DIY Methods of Tile Cleaning Don’t Work?

The problem in today’s day and age is that you all love simple solutions that can solve your problems easily. This is also true where tile and grout cleaning is concerned. So, when they get dirty, the first thing you do is find a simple home remedy online to fix it.

Someone wisely said, “Half knowledge is always dangerous.” Sadly, it’s applicable in this case too. As some of these home remedies often backfire and cause more harm than good. That’s why we have come up with this article acknowledging the reasons why DIY methods of tile cleaning don’t work.

Reasons Why DIY Methods of Tile Cleaning Don’t Work

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a. No Proper Research Done

Although DIY methods for tile cleaning have been in use for decades, there isn’t much research done on it. Without proper data and research, how to trust these home remedies? Instead, there is a lot of data backing the effectiveness of professional tile cleaning services.

b. Different Tile Type

Tile floorings come in various types and are made of different material compositions. For example, marble, ceramic, cement, mosaic, granite, limestone to name a few. Now, the problem lies in assuming one cleaning method is suitable for all tile types, which is completely wrong.

c. Wrong Cleaning Methods

Tiles are expensive and considered a huge investment from a homeowner’s perspective. Then why take a chance to clean them using a home remedy that you read on the net? There are far better options out there! The best one is to hire a professional tile cleaning company for the job.

d. Bleach + Vinegar = Harmful Combination

People often mix two or more home ingredients to find an all-purpose cleaner. That’s why many of them mix bleach and vinegar for faster and effective tile cleaning. However, these two react with each other and let out highly toxic chlorine gas into the surrounding. This is dangerous for your health.

Grab Professional Help For The Best Tile Cleaning Experience!

The best and most effective way of tile cleaning is via hiring professional tile cleaners for your home or office. They remove every stain, spot, dust, and germs, leaving you with beautiful tile flooring.

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