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Our Professional Disinfecting Service Process

Our eco-friendly disinfecting process neutralizes odors and harmful substances. It’s a great alternative to bleach, which contains toxic chemicals that are bad for people and the environment. It even beats ozone disinfecting! It’s gentle on all surfaces and leaves no trace of any harmful by-products.

It’s much safer than using bleach or ozone. People regularly use it to treat drinking water, and grocery store workers spray it on produce to guard against bacteria. Since it’s safe enough to use even on food, you’ll never go back to using toxic chemicals as disinfecting agents ever again!

Our disinfecting process works on more than odors, too. It also gets rid of mold and allergens that diminish the air quality of your home or business. It’s the ultimate approach to purifying and sanitizing your spaces.

Professional Disinfecting Services Springfield IL

Residential Disinfection Services Springfield

Professional Residential Disinfecting Services

Can’t shake the smell of an unwelcome odor in your home? Put off by the smells that linger in your business? Tired of driving around in a car that feels and smells stale? TruClean Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning is just a phone call away. When you choose us for odor removal, you’ll get the full benefit of our proprietary disinfecting process, with results you can see, feel and (not) smell!

We bring you an unparalleled level of cleanliness that eliminates odors and other environmental detractors that may make your home, business, or vehicle unpleasant. Best of all, we provide carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, floor cleaning & upholstery cleaning services without using any harsh or environmentally-damaging chemicals.

What Odors Can We Get Rid Of?

A better question would be: what can’t we get rid of? Whether you’re a homeowner or building manager, our disinfecting process can neutralize any odor imaginable in any environment. If one of these odors lurks in your living space, call us before spraying odor-masking chemicals or harsh cleaning products:

  • Dogs and cats odors, including urine
  • General odors from household residents
  • Mustiness caused by mold, mildew, and allergens
  • Potent foods like curry and fish
  • Death and decay from organic matter
  • Smoke from marijuana, cigarettes, and fire


Our latest technology provides you with fast drying carpet cleaning – in fact, you’ll be back on your carpets in about one hour.

We Were Made To Be Green

We are committed to being an environmentally friendly and green carpet cleaning company. We only use safe, green eco-friendly solutions to break down the dirt and germs in your carpet.

Commercial Disinfecting Services

Who Do We Help With Our Disinfectant Services?


Most realtors face many objections while selling a house. One of the biggest issues faced by them is that the property should be fully disinfected. Lucky for you, we at TruClean Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning offer affordable prices for professional disinfectant services in Springfield. 

Property Managers

Property managers face similar issues as realtors when selling or renting out their commercial space. We provide excellent quality disinfectant services along with a certificate of sanitation. Thus, clean and safe properties will have more buyers.

Commercial Buildings

With this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s far more important to have your commercial properties sanitized properly. So many people visit commercial spaces in a day. That’s why there is a high chance of getting infected here. Therefore, to keep your staff and customers safe, hire a professional sanitizing company. They give you peace of mind and strength to run your business stress-free.

Education Buildings

If you’re the head of administrations, it’s your responsibility to look after the welfare of your staff and students. Staff and students need a safe environment to work and study in. So by hiring us, the responsibility of disinfecting school or university building is released from your shoulders. We use organic and EPA-approved disinfectant products so you can enjoy a safe environment.


Daily thousands of people prefer public transport to take them to their destination. Thus, the vehicles contain a high amount of germs and bacteria. We provide daily transportation disinfection services, which keep the environment safe and healthy for drivers and daily travelers.

Emergency Services

The problem with emergency vehicles is that they come in close contact with the patient’s body fluids. The germs and viruses in the fluid then transfer to the emergency vehicle. Thus, putting the emergency personnel and the patient’s safety at risk. Our hospital-grade disinfectant eliminates every virus and germs in just a few minutes. To avail of emergency disinfection services, call us on (888) 909 0016.

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Residential Disinfecting Services Springfield IL
Commercial Disinfection Services Springfield IL