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Is your spanking new carpet already looking very dirty and you’re unable to understand why? Even though you vacuum your carpets daily using different cleaning products in the market, the stains are still present. In this case, it’s best to opt for professional carpet cleaning services that can clean your carpet effectively for you. At TruClean Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning, our skilled carpet cleaning technicians recover your carpet’s real look back.Our professional carpet cleaners use only safe and organic cleaning products and methods, which give the best desired results. Moreover, we follow a set of instructions set by the carpet manufacturer’s attaining effective cleaning. This not only increases the service life of the carpet but also helps to keep the home environment healthy.

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One of the greatest advantages to choosing us to professionally clean your carpets is that we use a safe, green eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution to break down the dirt and germs in your carpet. The solution is safe for pets and children, so they can wander and play freely without any worry. Keeping families and work forces safe from harmful chemicals is something that we take pride in.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Springfield IL

Family & Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning Services

In carpets, the dirt on the surface slowly moves down and settles near the carpet padding. Some of them get trapped in between the carpet fibres before they can settle down. Now, at high-traffic areas, many accidents occur which leave behind stains and spots. If these spots are left untouched for a long period, they foster pests and are hard to remove.

At TruClean Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners use specialized cleaning methods and techniques to remove these stains. We start our carpet cleaning process with spot or stain treatment. The cleaning agent is sprayed over the affected areas, which slowly dissolves the stains, and loosens their hold on the carpet.

The EPA approved cleaning agent also helps in detaching other filthy elements from the carpet. Hence, making the cleaning process more effective and faster. Thus, you get a renewed looking carpet, which is dirt and allergen free. Moreover, a clean carpet also adds more aesthetic appeal to your home.

The unique thing about our carpet cleaning process is that we use safe cleaning agents, which are environment friendly. Similarly, they can also be used in households with kids and pets. Additionally, we also use cleaning methods which don’t require a lot of water to clean, hence you preserve water. This also kills down the drying time and you get a clean carpet in just a few hours.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Springfield IL

Top-Rated Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial spaces have many people moving here and there. With such high traffic, it’s your carpet that takes brunt for it. Especially if you consider spaces like hospital, restaurants, malls, stores, etc. Such high usage of the carpet takes a toll on it, and it loses its attractiveness and shine. TruClean Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning cleans all types of commercial carpet. We restore the carpet back to its original state with our exclusive carpet cleaning process.

Our carpet cleaning process uses a low moisture carpet cleaning method. This allows the proper cleaning of the carpet without wasting a lot of water. At the same time, it also helps to fasten the drying process. Furthermore, the organic cleaning agents are safe for everyone and hence won’t cause any harmful effects. If you want safe, quick, and great-quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, floor cleaning, pet odor removal, or disinfecting services, call us at (888) 909 0016.

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